The first sneaker I can remember being excited about was the Converse Weapon. At the time I was about 10 years old and I loved Magic Johnson and the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry. I freakin hated Larry Bird and the whole Celtics team. They were ugly, got away with fouls and all type of stuff. The media was acting like Bird was better than Magic and me nor my Pops believed it. I didn't know about the sneakers Magic and Bird were wearing but my Pops knew and he blessed me with a pair in black and white. BLACK AND WHITEs!! THAT'S what Bird wore! I  I wasn't a fan at first because I liked Magic and I wanted the yellow and purple pair. However, My Dad knew best because he knew the Larry Birds were more versatile for my gear. Thanks Pop for igniting my sneaker passion. And the rest is history.

The next sneaker I got that changed my life was the Air Jordan 6. I remember just sitting the kicks on my bed and just looking at them, thinking to myself, " I can't believe I got a pair!" Mike had just won his first title wearing this shoe and I felt like I had won my first title as well.